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Look at the world, and try not to look at yourself looking at the world.

Douglas Wilson

Wait…I admit I’m not a Doug Wilson fan, but this seems downright foolish. It seems like he’s saying that we ought to ignore the fact that we have biases when we perceive the world. Does someone think I’m misunderstanding him?

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Maybe I should explain where I got this quote… I was reading a random sample of his book Wordsmithy, which is actually about being a better writer and nothing to do with interpretation, etc… (I actually didn’t even know he was a Christian writer, or I probably would have been more careful quoting him).  Here’s the full paragraph:

"Look at the world, and try not to look at yourself looking at the world. Your readers may well be interested in your description of the world—and they will learn plenty about you in the process—but they will not be all that interested in your descriptions of yourself directly, even though you may be using the outside world as a scenic backdrop for your junior high melodrama of a tortured and misunderstood soul."

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If you order advance copies of “Capitalism Must Die!” before the official pub date of May 1, you’ll also get 3 free “Capitalism Must Die” stickers! Plus, you’ll get the book early. Free shipping in the US, as well (for international rates, see the page).

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"Order here."

Thank you, capitalism.

"Find out why capitalism sucks for one easy payment of $12 USD or 3 copies for $30 USD!  Order today and we’ll send you 3 ‘Capitalism Must Die’ stickers free of charge."

This is so ridiculous, aha. “Please PURCHASE”.

omg lolololololololol

I want that cover art though

People living in a capitalist system are forced to charge money for their ideas in order to continue survival in a capitalist system. If we weren’t living in a capitalist system, this book could be free. This isn’t hypocrisy, it’s another example to add to the book.

Good news.  You and this book’s author are in luck.  Turns out you aren’t forced to live in this dreadful capitalist society after all.  You can find refuge and sanctuary in these glorious anti-capitalist establishments:

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